"Clarity is essential to having what you truly want in life. When you are unclear, you are susceptible to fear, chaos and missed opportunities. Once your problem or issue can be seen in the context of what actually matters to you, without judgment, then and only then will you know the next right action to take. That is the power of clarity!

Whatever concerns or issues bring you here today, the key to unlocking sustainable solutions quickly, begins with my 2-Session Clarity Experience. This experience will help you to identify the things that matter most to you and teach you how to consistently choose those things, despite the pressures and expectations from friends, family and your environment.

I understand the power of clarity and I am particularly skilled at helping people find the clarity they need to instantly unlock their careers, relationships and desires. What would you like the clarity to do?”  

- Antonio Le Mons MA, CPTF



Coaching is like having a personal trainer for your life! Coaching is not therapy, which usually deals with past or current psychological dysfunction. Coaching is guided action toward accelerated personal and professional results.

The people who typically work with Antonio are professionals, artists, small-business owners, couples, singles, parents, folks in transition and individuals who consider themselves in some ways unconventional. Antonio’s clients aren’t looking to be diagnosed, treated or boxed. They want someone open-minded, insightful and courageous enough to help them get what THEY really want.

With Antonio as your coach, you will be:


PFI or Peak Fulfillment Index™ is a numerical indicator of your overall happiness and fulfillment.
Knowing your PFI is the first step to clarity and having what you really want.
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Antonio is an extraordinary Life Coach who emphasizes the power of clarity and choice.
He knows life first-hand, having experienced many of its peaks and valleys—from relationship and career success, to divorce, bankruptcy and cancer survival.

Antonio’s strength lies in his courage, keen insight and ability to think fast and effectively. He has a unique blend of life experience, business acumen and consultative skills that help him positively impact others.

Professionally, he was a private practice clinical therapist for seven years and spent more than twenty-five years as a public and private sector executive. Antonio’s held leadership roles in communications, hospitality, community-based not-for-profit and economic development firms.

Antonio is an author and proudly serves as Commissioner on the CA Citizen’s Redistricting Commission and board secretary of MSUBA, Los Angeles chapter. He is a former member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) and UCLA’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the protection of human subjects.

Antonio is a native of Detroit and resides in Southern California with his husband and sons.

• Masters Community and Clinical Psychology
• Bachelors Communications
• Certified Facilitator and Mediator
    • Sex and Dating
    • Career Development
    •  Orientation and Gender
    • Marriage and Prenuptials
    • Mid-Life New Beginnings
    • Bankruptcy Recovery
    • Divorce Recovery
    • Monogamy and Polyamory
    • LGBTQIA+ Concerns
    • Adoption and Fostering
    • Parenting and Co-Parenting
    • Step and Blended Families
    • Small Business Development



    Los Angeles, CA
    Choreographer / Director

    "As a professional in the entertainment business I had always thought
    of myself as someone who was manifesting his dreams, until I met Antonio.
    After my session with Antonio, I realized that I hadn't scratched the surface. Turns out my dreams were larger that I dared to envision. I have actually learned more about myself in the last couple weeks than I have in the last twenty years.
    The clarity I received through this process is invaluable. I'm finally living my best life."

    Denver, CO
    Marketing Director

    "Yaaasssss..... Antonio is the Olivia Pope of personal coaching. Get shit done effectively and efficiently with long term results."









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